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'DOCUMENTS TO COME' Exhibition. XIV Spanish Architecture Biennial. Más Habitar, más Humanizar
Arquitectura Subalterna. Selected participant.
Exhibited project: Lxs Hijxs Bastardxs del Modulor vol.3
︎ xivbeaudocumentstocome
An exhibition dedicated to representation depicting the works of very young Spanish architects. The show will be an associated event of the XIV BEAU. 10th-20th July in Santander

24 May 2018

Arquitectura Subalterna. Selected participant.
Exhibited project: Lxs Hijxs Bastardxs del Modulor vol.3
︎ becoming.com

Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzman + Rocío Romero) © Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero)

b-e-c-o-m-i-n-g.com (Lxs Hijxs Bastardxs del Modulor)
28 Dec 2017

Selected by Spanish Pavilion at VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNALE 2018 'BECOMING' Open CallSelected project: "Lxs Hijxs Bastardxs del Modulor"
With the aim of gathering the contents of the Spanish pavilion in the 16th Architecture Biennale in Venice, becoming invites students and researchers to participate with actions, speeches or works included under the conceptual framework of the manifesto, which have been developed in learning environments of architecture.Becoming is the name given to the exhibition proposal for 2018. Located among learning environments of Architecture and continuing with the appropriate and temporary character of the previous Spanish pavilion Unfinished, becoming makes an allusion to a vector of the future, with a common educational background in the “EscuelaS”, which extends to other learning experiences in space and time, in dialogue with other disciplines. Considering teaching practice as fully-fledged architectural practice, becoming shows Spanish architecture via the works of a superb set of home-grown architects – where women are currently more in number than men -, architecture which demands rethinking the conditions of learning environments in connection with the new emergencies of the present, abandoning predefined order schemes.
︎ becoming.com

22 Dec 2017
Exhibition - OUTSIDE: Self initiated Project. Within the BALKAN ARCHITECTURAL BIENNALE 2018Exhibit project: "The Urgent Need of a Postcolonial Aesthetics and Urbanism"
Site: Štab Gallery. Belgrade (Serbia)
OUTSIDE: is a regional architectural platform that focuses on new and experimental approaches to architecture. “OUTSIDE: A Second Look at competition Projects” was the first OUTSIDE’s exhibition held within the Balkan Architectural Biennale manifestation. This year’s exhibition, “OUTSIDE: Self Initiated Projects”   will be held for the second time within the Balkan Architectural Biennale, at the Štab Gallery.
The focus of this year’s exhibition is on self-initiated projects that offer unique, research and utopian proposals, which have developed a different position in relation to existing architectural practices and possess outstanding quality and innovative approaches.
︎ Balkan Architectural Biennale 2018

01 Dec 2017

Awarded project. Special Mention. Europan 14: Productive Cities. Europan SpainSite: La Bazana 
Project: LA BUZZana
La Bazana, was founded ex novo by the Spanish National Colonization Institute in order to stop the rural exodus during the postwar period. The project propose an innovative productive program based on insect rearing, an emerging sector at European level, capable of providing important economic, social and environmental benefits. The plan proposes to articulate this new productive infrastructure around the original axis, proposing three phases, from the installation of breeding farms, through the habilitation of processing centers, until the opening of a Food Lab and service infrastructures that guarantee the research and dissemination of Entomology. Our aim is to place La Bazana as an international reference for insect farming, a sector that will play a key role in the 21st century.
︎ Europan-Europe. Europan14 results

26 Oct 2017

Publication. Archifutures VOL.4: Thresholds. A field guide to the future of architectureEdition: &beyond
Published by: dpr-barcelona
ISBN: 978-84-947523-3-9
How can you navigate towards something when there are no fixed points when you cannot determine your position? How do you know where to go, or even know when you have got there? This fourth volume in the Archifutures series investigates how architecture, traditionally considered to be a future-oriented activity, can best respond as we find ourselves on the threshold of a “post-futurist” condition where the future is not necessarily ahead of us, but everywhere and – perhaps most especially – “now”.
︎ archifutures.futurearchitectureplatform.org

26 Oct 2017

Publication. Diálogos Impostergables Catalogue. XX Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de Chile 2017
Edition: Metales Pesados
Published by: XX Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de Chile 2017
ISBN: 978-956-9843-47-1
Libro de la XX bienal de arquitectura y urbanismo de Chile. Pensar en lo que consideramos impostergable desde la arquitectura y el urbanismo nos presenta la necesidad urgente de trabajar con aquellos que residiendo en el margen no han visto sus aspiraciones reflejadas en lo urbano. Este libro es una muestra de los trabajos que desde la arquitectura, el urbanismo y el arte , han incorporado a los más postergados en su propio desarrollo. El libro se estructura en siete temas impostergables : La identidad; Lo común; La participación; La integración; La vulnerabilidad; Los recursos; El futuro.
︎ impostergable.cl

26 Oct - 10 Nov 2017

Exhibit project: La impostergable necesidad de un urbanismo y estética postcolonial
Exhibition site: Parque Cultural de Valparaíso (Chile)
La XX Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo es una iniciativa del Colegio de Arquitectos de Chile realizada en colaboración con la Asociación de Oficinas de Arquitectos y la Red de Escuelas de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de Chile.
Pensar en lo que consideramos impostergable desde la arquitectura y el urbanismo nos presenta la necesidad urgente de trabajar con aquellos que residiendo al margen, no han visto reflejadas sus necesidades y aspiraciones en lo urbano. Es fundamental generar una instancia de diálogo en el que participen las diferentes fuerzas que dan forma a nuestras ciudades, establecer un nexo con los demás países del sur global e incluir en la discusión a aquellos que han sido históricamente postergados.
La invitación es por tanto a una bienal no sólo conmemorativa, sino propositiva y volcada a la acción, en términos de proyectos e investigación, que no sólo se limite a exponer lo existente, sino que sea detonante de nuevos desafíos. Se busca una bienal no encerrada en su claustro disciplinar, sino abierta a la ciudadanía, con sus nuevas formas de dialogar e interactuar, y que su proceso no termine con su día de cierre, sino que trascienda a través de propuestas, proyectos y acciones que surjan de ella.
︎ impostergable.cl/participantes/academia

30 Sept 2017

Publication. COCA17 - MEDIACCIONES
Article: “Los Hijxs Bastardxs del Modulor”
Edition: Arcadia Mediática
ISBN: 978-84-947055-8-8
Architecture is no longer just a product of design and construction but also a vehicle of a social action. Communication and mediation are key to this process. The role of architects has to do more with interdisciplinary teamwork than with authorship.
The first International Conference in Architectural Communication (COCA-17) created by the Master in Architectural Communication (MaCA), seeks to create common spaces between multiple disciplines and social agents. In order to introduce the function of mediation and communication in architecture, the activities of this Conference will focus on forming a network of mutual knowledge exchange among participants, selected projects and invited guests.
︎ coca.aq.upm.es

28 Sept 2017

Lecture. At FUTURE ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL. Breaking Down the Walls.Tales only Architecture Can Tell
Coordinated by: Bureau N
At Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Ljubljana
Every good architectural project has a story. Sometimes it’s hard to see it, even if it's standing there in plain sight. Without a story there’s nothing to talk about – a situation rendered impossible for any further communication. Tales Only Architecture Can Tell investigates storytelling through the prism of dystopia, utopia and the present tense, and where these time-spheres converge. An impulse talk initiated by futurist Ludwig Engel, an expert in the field of architectural and urbanist storytelling, looks at how to identify and develop stories in architecture projects and ultimately, how to communicate these stories. Víctor Cano Ciborro (Arquitectura Subalterna) will talk about his own approach to the narrative. A panel discussion intended to serve as a response to the positions presented will follow.
︎ Tales only architecture can tell. futurearchitecture.org

 07 July 2017

Conference: ‘’Understanding space through sensitive dimensions’’
At Kosovo Museum
Arquitectura Subalterna will lead a lecture and the Workshop ‘Techno Rebel Bodies’ at KAF 2017. From a context where Kosovo architecture has not reached a clear identity or defined aesthetic in architectural terms, Arquitectura Subalterna proposes a critical analysis of Modernism both in different European cities and in Prishtina to find the fissures where subaltern, original and non-alienated spatial practices emerged from underground spatialities. In this context, Arquitectura Subalterna runs a Workshop where they will look for these new identities through the different spatial actions originated in Rilindja space because of techno music. Moreover, they will give a speech on different models they have researched in the last year looking for radical, hidden and ignored histories from people who live in contemporary urban peripheries and show the real needs and real actions of the real world.
︎ kosovoarchitecture.com

03 -07 July 2017

Direction of international workshop 'Techno Rebel Bodies' Supported by KOSOVO ARCHITECTURE FESTIVAL 2017 & FUTURE ARCHITECTURE
At Kosovo Museum. Prishtina.
How international and foreign styles took the power in Kosovo? Kosovo identity does not appear in their more iconic buildings. So, it is time to think, understand and built the aesthetic of the country.
Kosovo techno music is one of the most recognised sounds in the world and we are going to focus in the spatialities promoted by this kind of culture. Techno music is named after the book “The third wave” of the sociologist Alvin Toffler that name ‘Techno rebels’ to the contemporary inhabitants defined by: decentralization, demassification and personification. Techno rebels didn’t understand the space through design patterns –like Modulor´s rationalistic measures-; they are guided by emotions, affects and sensations.
In this context, throughout a 5-day workshop, we are going to explore in a theoretical and practical way this situation through two constructions: one individual ‘CARTOGRAPHY’ for unveiling this movement, and one ‘REBEL CONSTRUCTION’, to feel -in your own body- the effects of the Techno Rebels Spatiality.
︎ kosovoarchitecture.com/techno-rebel-bodies

02 June 2017

NEW GENERATION TALKS. CANactions Architecture Festival. KIEV
Conference: “Immaterial Values: Fireworks, Crimes & Bodies”
At Mystetskyi Arsenal. Kiev. Ukraine.
︎ festival.canactions.com

18 May 2017

Conference: ‘’Space for illusion vs Space for bodies. From Black Mirror to periphery’’
At Fortino di S. Antonio. Bari
The theme of the festival is the city of the future: from urban regeneration to the city "intelligent", smart. Goal is to investigate and ask themselves what the future vision of the cities of our territory, far from the international debate on the advanced technology and futuristic at the service of architecture. The future must start from the "re-think" - "re-look" "re-design" the city through the involvement of multiple stakeholders, local, national and international, public and private, that are able to operate in an coordinated development of the territory and are able, in particular promote real actions in favor of the talent and creativity, considered key factors in the social, economic and cultural.
The theme, expressed through different levels including "participatory vs. Corporate City", "public vs. private", "Digital vs. analog", "pedestrian vs car", etc, includes three sections of work ( "scenarios", "processes" and "projects"), through which it is expected to disclose the different contributions of both scholars and architects who work in Italy and abroad, both local directors, or officers of the regional bodies.
︎ www.pugliarch.it/protagonisti/arquitectura-subalterna

18 May-04 June 2017
Exhibition. Selected participant at COCA.MEDIACTIONS. Co.Exhibit
First International Conference in Architectural Communication 2017
Exhibition site: Sala Zuazo. La Arquería Nuevos Ministerios. Madrid
Architecture is no longer just a product of design and construction but also a vehicle of a social action. Communication and mediation are key to this process. The role of architects has to do more with interdisciplinary teamwork than with authorship.
The first International Conference in Architectural Communication (COCA-17) created by the Master in Architectural Communication (MaCA), seeks to create common spaces between multiple disciplines and social agents. In order to introduce the function of mediation and communication in architecture, the activities of this Conference will focus on forming a network of mutual knowledge exchange among participants, selected projects and invited guests.
︎ coca.aq.upm.es

11 May 2017

Winner Project. Selected participant for the ‘XX ARCHITECTURE AND URBANISM BIENNIAL OF CHILE’
'Unpostponable Dialogues' Call for Academic Projects
A selection of projects submitted to the biennial call together with projects directly invited by the curatorial team make up the 218 works that will be exhibited in the International Exhibition "Impossible Dialogues" that represents architects, academics, activists and governmental organizations from more than 26 countries.
Activism, recognized as an emerging force in the configuration of our built environment, will be a fundamental axis of the "Impossible Dialogues" and for the first time will be part of the contributions presented in the International Exhibition.
The entire exhibition of the XX Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism will place the works in the middle of a landscape of faces of Chileans and immigrants, captured by the photographer Jorge Brantmayer.
Arquitectura Subalterna is among the 58 selected participants.
︎ Participants announcement. Archdaily.com

12 April 2017

Dates: May 29 - June 3, 2017
With Arquitectura Subalterna
Curatorship: Mirjam Niemeyer
Tutors: Víctor Cano Ciborro (Arquitectura Subalterna representative), Fani Kostourou, Adriana Pablos
︎ CANactions Workshop event

17 Feb 2017

Lecture at FUTURE ARCHITECTURE EVENT 2017. Matchmaking Conference
'Modulor's Bastard Children' Research project presentation.
At Museum of Architecture and Design (MAO), Ljubljana, Slovenia
Following the call for ideas that generated 337 ideas by 594 authors from 56 countries all over the world, 25 candidates selected by the platform members, Future Architecture alumni and the public will appear at the Matchmaking Conference. They will meet with the 18 platform members, where they will personally present and pitch their ideas and visions to both the platform members and the general public. Based on their presentation of ideas, interests and views on architecture, the candidates will be matched with members of the platform and become a part of the Future Architecture platform program taking place all around Europe.
︎ Matchmaking Conference 2017

19 Jan 2017

Winner Project. Selected participant for ‘FUTURE ARCHITECTURE 2017’
''Modulor's Bastard Children'' awarded at the International Call for Ideas.
The members of Future Architecture and Future Architecture selected creatives of 2016 selected 24 ideas from the 337 received at this year's Call. The authors will be invited to the Matchmaking Conference, where they will present their ideas on Future Architecture and get the chance to become a part of Future Architecture programme of events.
︎ futurearchitectureplatform.org Selected participants 2017

27 May 2016

Publication. UNFINISHED. Catalogue, Spanish Pavilion, Biennale Architettura 2016
Ministerio de Fomento / Fundación Arquia
ISBN: 978-84-608-7088-3
Publicación del catálogo y Periódico de la exposición UNFINISHED del Pabellón español de la Biennale di Venezia, Biennale Architettura 2016, "Reporting form the front".
Los Comisarios del Pabellón de España, Iñaqui Carnicero y Carlos Quintáns, en la exposición "Unfinished" plantearán una reflexión acerca de las arquitecturas inacabadas con el fin de descubrir virtudes que puedan convertirse en estrategias de diseño. "Unfinished"  pretende recoger el mayor número de ejemplos de arquitecturas que respondan a esta temática. La exposición ha recibido el León de Oro, prestigioso galardón otorgado por la organización de la Bienal.
︎ fundacion.arquia.es/es/ediciones/publicaciones

26 May 2016

Conference: Limbo Space & the Aesthetics of the Unfinished.
At Spanish Pavilion. Giardini della Biennale. Venice

26 May-27 Nov 2016

Exhibition. Selected participant at VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNIAL 2016 'UNFINISHED Exhibition'
Exhibition site: Spanish Pavilion. Giardini della Biennale. Venice
Spain is one of the countries where the practice of architecture has been most affected by the economic crisis. There are few places on earth where such large numbers of buildings were built in such a short period of time. The lack of reflection over whether these projects were necessary or valid resulted in the subsequent abandonment of many buildings when their completion or maintenance was discovered not to be economically viable. Their appearance throughout Spanish territories has generated a collection of unfinished buildings where the factor of time was eliminated from the formula for making architecture.
The ¨Unfinished¨ exhibition, presented in the Spanish pavilion at the Biennale, seeks to direct attention to processes more than results in an attempt to discover design strategies generated by an optimistic view of the constructed environment.
The exhibition gathers examples of architecture produced during the past few years, born out of renunciation and economy of means, designed to evolve and adapt to future necessities and trusting in the beauty conferred by the passage of time. These projects have understood the lessons of the recent past and consider architecture to be something unfinished, in a constant state of evolution and truly in the service of humanity. The current moment of uncertainty in our profession makes its consideration here especially relevant.
︎ unfinished.es Spanish Pavilion official website
︎ ‘Unfinished’ exhibition teaser video

11 APRIL 2016

Winner Project. Awarded by Spanish Pavilion at VENICE ARCHITECTURE BIENNIAL 2016
'Unfinished' Competition - Call for Projects.
Winner project: “Arquinauts of the Cosmoroute. Itinerant Critical Observatory“
The architectural graphic display will finish with the exhibition of the results of the open compentiion held by the pavilion which aimed to search for unpublished projects which respond to the theme proposed. These proposals could be located in real situations or could also be developed in generic architectural situations that deal with the recognizable circumstances in the present juncture. Out of the 108 submissions the jury, composed by Iñaqui Carnicero and Carlos Quintáns as curators of the exhibitions and by the pavilion’s scientific committee (Santiago de Molina, Jacobo García-Germán and Ángel Martínez García-Posada) made a first selection of 20 projects. Out of these finalists, the jury chose 8 winners and 4 mentions that will not only be part of the exhibition but whose authors will explain their projects in public as part of the pavilion’s activities.
︎ Bienalesdearquitectura.es Results Call for Projects
︎ Content of the Spanish Pavilion at the 2016 Venice Biennale. Archdaily

10 March 2016

Awarded at the URBAN COMPETITION for the rehabilitation of Boadilla del Monte old town 
Project: “Boa-Vida: 12+1 Actuaciones/Acciones urbanas”
︎ ayuntamientoboadilladelmonte.org Competition Results

28 Jan 2016

Awarded Honorable Mention by the OSLO ARCHITECTURE TRIENNALE 2016
Project: ''Modulor's Bastard Children''
A Triennale In Residence, On Residence, and the Ways We Stay In Transit.
With a stranger sleeping on your couch; inside the boxes at the storage facility; surrounded by the information you share in the cloud; after clearing customs at the airport; where your passport allows you to reside. Being at home entails different definitions nowadays, both within domestic settings and in the spaces defined by national boundaries under contemporary regimes of circulation.
The 2016 Oslo Architecture Triennale designs the objects, spaces, and territories for a transforming condition of belonging. Global circulation of people, information, and goods has destabilized what we understand by residence, questioning spatial permanence, property, and identity—a crisis of belonging. Circulation brings greater accessibility to ever—new commodities and further geographies. But, simultaneously, circulation also promotes growing inequalities for large groups, kept in precarious states of transit. After Belonging examines both our attachment to places and collectivities—Where do we belong?—as well as our relation to the objects we own, share, and exchange—How do we manage our belongings?
How can different agents involved in the built environment address the ways we stay in transit? How can architects intervene in the reconfiguration of the contemporary residence?
︎ Oslo Architecture Triennale 2016 Results. Official website