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Lxs Hijxs Bastardxs del Modulor
Case study: Clichy-sous-Bois, Paris
Other case studies:
Tensta, Stockholm

Research project
by Arquitectura Subalterna
Discussion and production team: Victor Cano Ciborro, José Javier Cullen, José de Andrés, Ana Sabugo

Exhibited by ‘BECOMING’ Spanish Pavilion. Venice Architecture Biennale 2018

Exhibited by XX Bienal de Arquitectura y Urbanismo de Chile 2017
diálogos impostergables

Exhibited by Balkan Architecture Biennale 2018. Belgrade, Serbia
‘outside’ exhibition

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© Arquitectura Subalterna. Housing block entrance. Clichy sous Bois, Paris

Due to minimal space of housing and overcrowded flats, so many times bodies establish relations and affects outside the housing but inside the building. These district of Clichy sois-bois is on the periphery and does not have easy public transport connection with city centre or leisure’s areas. In consequence, all this activities takes place in the communal areas.

The result is a wide range of subaltern spatial practices, which go beyond legality on certain occasions, and which are the visible forms of such exile. We can find a meeting point around the handrail; a main entrance with a sofa, always occupied by someone to watch who enters in the building; a drug dealer on a place hidden from the police; a couple playing with theirs babies because they do not have enough space at home; or a young man working out under the staircase because he can´t pay a gym.

© Arquitectura Subalterna. Housing block entrance. Clichy sous Bois, Paris

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