© Arquitectura Subalterna. Housing Cartography. Clichy sous Bois, Paris

Black inmigrants families occupies the social houses in Clichy sous Bois and has transformed his home to adapt it to his way of life and personal aesthetics, mobilizing sensibilities completely removed from the paradigms of the Modern Movement.

The housing of Modern Movement was though and designed through an idea of domesticity linked with the late orders of rationalism. In this context, the woman was the housekeeper and the space reserved to her was the kitchen. Of course, she had to be all day well-dressed and wearing high heels, because she was, more than a person, an object, a mannequin to represent this kind of ideology. Her vital target was to clean the white walls –maybe the floor or curtains as well-, and to bring up children. Usually a couple formed by one boy and one girl.

But everything has changed in 2017. Clichy sous Bois is no longer a place full of appearances. Clichy sous Bois is defined by the harsh reality of its inhabitants and their new way of relation with the space, where the building is merely a container –without no so much interest- and the objects, skins, memories and its aesthetics become the centre of spatial understanding.

© Arquitectura Subalterna. Housing room scene. Clichy sous Bois, Paris